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For time immemorial, salt has been humans’ greatest way to preserve food and make it last. The phrase “salt of the earth” symbolizes those working to help their fellow man. The SALT Foundation works to do just that by making the modern food system go further in helping those who need help most. Gleaning – or gathering left-behind produce and other food goods – is an increasingly important way to help provide families and individuals with healthy food at no cost.

Nearly 800 million people suffer from hunger – yet globally we squander nearly 3 trillion pounds of food each year. Imagine recapturing just a fragment of that wasted food to feed the hungry.

The SALT Foundation has successfully developed the following process to help feed the hungry in Hudson, Bergen, Mercer, Middlesex, and Ocean Counties:

  • coordinate with supermarkets, other food suppliersto arrange pickup times and locations
  • collect thousands of pounds of food that would otherwise go to waste
  • deliver that food in a timely basis to homeless and women’s shelters, churches, food pantries, food drives, and other groups and individuals who need help the most

The SALT Foundation also collects and delivers books, clothes, supplies, and other educational goods and services to similar audiences and other children and adults in need.

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